End of the Night: THIS IS NOT “SOMEONE’S” Mann ki baat, but the country’s “AKAL ki baat”. What when a country goes through a tough time, and that ‘Pradhan-Sevak’ himself doesn’t address any of such? Here, we call it the monthly ‘Mann ki Baat’.

This edition of PM’s “Mann ki Baat” lacked everything which he should have addressed. But wait! Is it that his ‘mann’ never considers these ‘problems’ as any part of his ‘baat’? Maybe. This edition of “Mann ki Baat” gave a huge competition to “Sadak2” and more such “Nepotism” products, in terms of getting maximum ‘dislikes’. The comment section stated, WHY?

Fourth-Pillar of Democracy, or ‘Godi Media’ continues to drive away from the ‘real issues’. Let it be COVID-19 or the massive fall of the country’s GDP by -23.9% (Highest fall since 2006). Blaming it to COVID which appears to be an ‘Act of God’ according to the Finance Minister, who will address the nation during this tough time? Or should we act to know nothing?

Alongside these, JEE-NEET examinations are set to happen! JEE examinations to begin tomorrow. The Union Education Minister wishes ‘luck’. Majority demanded postponement as India continues to make GLOBAL RECORDS… in COVID-19, but seems like these are not in the “Mann” of the PM’s “Baat”.

At the end, to all the aspiring students appearing for their examinations starting tomorrow,
“We know what your ‘Mann ki Baat’ is. But sadly, those who represent don’t. Government is the people’s Government, and we wonder if that remains as the truth, or has become just a matter of vote, and simply a ‘quote’. Nobody holds responsible, if anyone catches COVID-19, or passes it to any elder at your home. Well, they outlooked floods, the COVID19 spikes, and the transportation issues. Well, this may be the new ‘Aatmanirbhat Bharat’? We wish for the best.”

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