Despite having the highest Literacy rate among all the states of india, this heart wrenching case of Dowry harassment has shaken the conscience of people in kerela. Vismaya, a 24 year old Ayurveda medical student,died by suicide in the bathroom of her husband’s house at Sasthamkotta district in south Kerala on Monday.

Vismaya was facing torture and harassment by her husband S Kiran Kumar, an assistant motor vehicles inspector, over dowry. In dowry Vismaya’s family had given 100 sovereigns of gold and over one-acre land, besides a car worth ₹10 lakh car as dowry to Kumar during their wedding in 2020. Her husband did not like the car gifted and wanted cash in exchange.

A day before the incident, Vismaya sent an SOS to her family in a series of WhatsApp messages including photos of the wounds and marks of beatings on her body. Her parents did not do anything because they were afraid that their reputation in society will be at stake.

Vismaya’s family filled complain of torture and harassment by her husband S Kiran Kumar,after the woman was found dead, the police arrested Kumar and charged him under section 304B of the Indian Penal Code (dowry death). Kumar was taken into custody last night on the basis of her family’s complaint. The State Transport Department suspended Kumar from service.Other legal measures will also be taken against Kumar after getting the post-mortem report.

However,Nair has alleged that his daughter would never die by suicide and it was a case of murder by Kumar’s family.

Inputs: Hindustan Times

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