A song is a state of mind and a statement of the heart

Born and brought up in the Rock Capital of India;Shillong, Saikat Das is a second year student who has been surrounded by music all his life. Trained in Hindustani Classical Music from a small age, he has seen his family celebrating artists like Tagore. His work consists of experimental cross generic music which hetries to keep as simple and relatable as possible .

  1. What are your artistic inspirations/influences, specifically regarding how you approach your song writing?

I think, my process starts with a certain feeling, emotion or situation that I find myself in. These elements give me the just the vibe and I start looking for a melody and words. As days pass by the songs start to evolve. My day to day activities and interactions influence my work a lot, I try to take inspiration from the people I meet or the stories I come across. By the end of the process I try to make the songs sound simple yet unique and come out as a mix of my emotions and real-life experiences that everyone can relate to.

  • The singles “Laapata” and “Talabb” have a really fresh experimental vibe, what was the thought process in getting that tasty mix?

Well, the songs “Laapata” and “Talabb” are extremely personal to me and talk about my state of mind a lot. I won’t say that I went through a very tough and trying process to create these songs but definitely these songs took a lot of time as these songs went hand in hand with phases in my life. Each song talks about the experiences, understandings and conclusions from those phases. As these songs are personal to me, I did not want these songs to sound general and hence I added elements which may sound like mistakes to some ears but surely make the songs sound different, sound more like me.

  • If you could go open a show for any artist from present or the past who would it be ?

I think it will be a bit ambitious for me if I take up huge names like John Mayer, Eric Clapton and Steven Wilson, but dreams are dreams and I love to dream even if they are next to impossible. Other then that I really enjoy listening to Indian Indie artists like TabaChake, Parvaaz, PrateekKuhad, KavyaTrehan, Easy Wandelings and would absolutely take the pleasure of opening for them.

  • We knowing your vocal and artistic prowess in studio and live sessions , what will be the most useless talent that you  have on a lighter note?

The most useless talent that I have is I can move my ears without touching them.

  • If you could share one suggestion in which our independent music scene can be made more solid / one thing you would like to change about the Indian music scene?

It is known as the Independent music scene because it is not dependent on anything but is completely based on DIY which is in fact the uniqueness and the beauty of the scene. Now, if we look at the other scenes in the music industry, there is a lot of investments made by huge establishments, on an artist and on his or her work to make them into an icon and prosper as they get a strong base and support to flourish their work.

If a similar kind of a process is brought to the independent scene where establishments can just provide a financial backing to the independent artist where they can work without the pressure of earning money to finance their work and yet still retain the independent-ness of the scene by still working by the DIY process with total freedom in the work. The idea is still very empty and needs work but an establishment which can support independent artist with financial backup will just be a huge advantage in the independent scene. 

  • What message do you have for your well-wishers during these days of the lockdown ?

It is certainly really painful as the lockdown goes by but I think we must all look for channels to express ourselves out because when we do something to talk about ourselves it not only keeps us busy but also give us clarity about our ourselves with a huge lot of satisfaction. It may sound selfish but I think self-introspection is really important and as we have the time and resources to do it, so why not?

  • What can the audience expect from “Talabb” ?

The term “Talabb” means the desire to have something immediately and people long for interaction with other people, people long for validation from other people, people long for relationships. “Talabb” talks about those desires and reminds that we are all alone and we can accept the fact that we are alone. Being alone is not a curse in fact if we can totally accept being alone, the world gets a lot more easy as being alone is not being weak but being strong and independent. 

  • What’s next for you ?

Have not given any thought on what is next for me but I’m certainly in the process of writing more. I am surely taking my steps towards fulfilling my dreams but the future is uncertain so let us just hope for the best.

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