1.What are your artistic inspirations/influences , specifically regarding how you approach your covers / songwriting ?

I have never looked up to just one artist in my life. Various artists whether famous or not have helped me grow and find what I love the most in a song. I try representing / recreating a song by making it my own and those will always be the songs that connect with me in some way. Might be the lyrics, composition or the way the singer has sung it. 

2.What was the best gig you had till date or are you more focused on the YouTube aspect of things?

 The best gig I’ve had would surely have to be Gaana crossblade. Its one of the biggest Punjabi music fests and I had a great opportunity of sharing the stage with all the singers and performers I loved and looked up to. Live singing has always been my forte on and off stage. The lovely lights, ambience and cheerful audience are the icing on the cake. 

3.If you could go open a show for any artist from present or the past who would it be?

 I would love to open for Arijit Singh or Sonu Nigam. Mostly because they have the biggest audience when it comes to live shows in the hindi film song genre/ audience. There is no doubt that the arrangement of the music in their live shows are a treat to the ears.

4.We knowing your vocal and artistic prowess in studio and live sessions, what will be the most useless talent that you have on a lighter note?

 I am so glued to my phone all the time, I can now type anything even with my eyes closed.

5.If you could share one suggestion in which our independent music scene can be made more solid / one thing you could change about the Indian music scene, what would it be?

 Independent music has no doubt come a long way in India. You will find lots of good and independent artists out there today. People have changed their ways of consuming media. Especially when it comes to Hindi cinema, people want to watch something that makes sense with a new actor rather than a senseless movie with no story that has a popular face in it. With time, the same is going to happen in the Independent music scene as well. One thing I would like to change would be the way music labels pressure their artists and make them do things that they do not want to. Artists should get the freedom of what type of songs they want to present in front of the world.

6.What message do you have for your fans during these days of the lockdown?

PATIENCE. That is all I can say. I lose my patience sometimes but it’s very important to channel your energy to something else. Things will be fine, there is a reason why they happen. There must be a reason for this too. We will find that out in sometime. Till then, hold on to yourself , stay healthy and stay indoors.

7.What’s next for you?

I can’t wait to release my first original in front of my audience that has supported me so much since day 1. But I am also waiting for the right time for that to happen. We will start shooting for the song after things are in control and release it as soon as we can. 

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