Anticipatory Bail Granted To A Delhi lawyer After A Woman Lawyer In Mumbai Accused Him Of Rape

A Mumbai sessions court on Monday granted anticipatory bail to a lawyer from Delhi after a woman lawyer in Mumbai accused him of rape.

The rape-accused lawyer from Delhi claimed that they mutually agreed to have an ‘open relationship’ where in “both agreed to be bound by the contours of serious relationship”.

The Delhi lawyer, Kunal Dhamija, had informed the woman at the start of the ‘open relationship’ that he would never be able to marry her as she belong to another community and it would be difficult for both to convince their respective families.

Despite being aware of the situation, the woman was willing to voluntarily have relationship with Dhamija, said Dhamija’s lawyer Tanveer Nizam.

He alleged that during their last trip to Goa in March 2019, the woman tried to convince him to convert to Islam and marry her.

“This is a gross misuse of rape laws and the police has colluded to change the jurisdiction to help the alleged complaint accommodate this FIR,” said Nizam.

Inputs: India Today

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