Are we boycotting “EKATYAM”? Was Tanishq’s AD wrong?

End of the Night: In India, currently, one of the most controversial topics has been “religion”. Lately, unity seems to become just a philosophy in many cases, while the differences are felt in most of the brutal ways. Riots, mob-attacks, and many more similar cases causing disruptions in many ways. But, is this what we as Indians learnt?

The latest advertisement by India’s one of the top-most jewellery brands, #Tanishq fuelled controversy, resulting in a social-media storm demanding #BoycottTanishq. The brand later issued a statement, and lifted off the advertisement. Now, #WhatDoYouThink? Was there any ‘wrong’ promotion of the advertisement? 

Soon after Bollywood Actress, Kangana Ranaut tweeted out saying the advertisement promoted “Love-Jihad” and also “sexism”, fuelling more controversy into the event. There was a side supporting the advertisement as well.

However, this brings the idea of the much debated principle of “Secularism”.
#OPINION: India’s Secularism is more political than philosophical. It was enacted only in 1976, with the 42nd Amendment of the Indian Constitution. Until then, India wasn’t a ‘Secular Country’. But, this doesn’t shadow India’s thousand years old idea of Unity. How India treats the world as one, as emphasised by India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi himself.

In a video, which dates back to 28th April, 2014: Narendra Modi talked about India’s Secularism. How India treats Indians as one, irrespective of any differences.

At a time like this, there are some serious questions whether the UCC (Uniform Civil Code) should be introduced? Meanwhile, there are brutal incidents of “Love-Jihad” happening across the nation.

What is “Love-Zihad”?

The question remains: Are advertisements like the Tanishq a promotion of “Love-Jihad”? Should we focus on the unity more? Because this “Boycott” isn’t a first of its kind.

Remember, in India we worship EVERYTHING. We are diversified yet united. It’s beyond Secularism, but it’s about the unity in diversity. That is India’s strongest philosophy.


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