On Sunday a four-year-old girl was murdered as a part of a religious ritual to cure illness.

This horrific incident took place at Sonari in the Charaideo district of Assam.

The girl father and a self-proclaimed godman was arrested by Assam Police on Wednesday.

The self-proclaimed godman from Assam had dreamt that he was suffering from a acute illness that could only be cured with a human sacrifice, precisely that of a child. He had discussed with the victim’s father, who suggested his child as the offering.

Superintendent of Police, Sudhakar Singh, said, that “We were informed on Moday by the victim’s eldest sister that her sister, who was sleeping with two other siblings and their grandmother, had been abducted by some unknown persons.”

And on Tuesday, a search operation was launched as soon as police got the information.

The victim’s body was found in a nearby river. Child’s clothes and some other items associated with religious rituals were also found by the police from the bank of the river.

Superintendent of police, Sudhakar Singh told the media, “The recovery of the body and other items led us to suspect that it could be a case of witchcraft or human sacrifice. Our teams questioned several people and finally the victim’s father and a local priest have been arrested for involvement in the child’s murder.”

The victim’s father and the priest were co-workers at the Safari tea garden and we’re very close. The victim’s father also used to work as a part time help in the priest’s house.

Both of the accused had confessed their crimes.


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