Beatbox talkies with Spyro

Dev Darshan Mahanta popularly known as Spyrobeatbox is a young Indian Beatboxer from Northeast India.

1) What are your artistic inspirations/influences, specifically regarding how you approach your beatboxing?

Well, I have a lot of inspirations whom I follow a lot and they are what got me into beatbox culture. Some of them are the beatbox legends like Reeps One, Tom Thum, Gene,KRNFX, D Low, Alem etc. Also some popular trap artists like Sickick, Hopex, Trap Mojito will always be in my mind. They helped me a lot to make me understand a proper structure of a music routine. I started my beatbox journey at the age of 15. And the first person I saw as a beatboxer was Tom Thum and later Reeps One. They are top notch beatboxers and everyone should check them out. 

2) What was the best gig you had till date?

My best gig till now was at Rongali Fest. I don’t remember the date but I think it was around the month of April or May in the year 2019. It was one hell of a freaking show. The crowd was crazy. I never saw any crowd who enjoyed like this. Although it rained that day but still everyone enjoyed. 

3) If you could go open a show for any artist from present or the past who would it be?

Well I had a dream to see Linkin Park along with Chester. But God was too jealous of us and took him away. Even though it’s not possible anymore but still I would love to open the show for Linkin Park. Also I love Imran Khan (punjabi rapper) and I would love to open the show for him. 

4) We knowing your vocal and artistic prowess in studio and live sessions, what will be the most useless talent that you have on a lighter note?

Well till now the only useless talent I got is to sleep like a dead body but still I need to push myself more in search of some more useless talents. 

5) If you could share one suggestion in which our independent music scene can be made more solid / one thing you could change about the Indian music scene, what would it be?

 We all can do a lot of things for the independent music scene in our city. First of all, we can host an annual music fest under Assam govt where every musician from the state would be invited. It’s okay to invite well established artists from another city but along with that we need to make a scene where the independent artists from our state or region will be getting chances to showcase their talents and getting the fruit of their hard work. Also people should start listening to their local artist. Today Divine (rapper) is a famous rapper just because the people of his locality supported him and now everyone look up to him as an inspiration. So it’s all upon the hands of the public. Support the local artists. Listen to them. 

6) What are your opinions on the beatbox scene in the northeast / some heads up to the artists or scenes the fans can follow?

The Beatbox scene in Northeast is rapidly growing. Every week we go through so many new tracks from the beatboxers around Northeast. I have a strong believe that someday they will represent NE and India internationally. Beatbox lovers can check out Hlups, Ji eL and Zoninong Imchen. They are one of the craziest beatboxers I ever saw. 

7) What’s next for you?

 Well after this lockdown I am planning to drop my first video on my youtube channel. Yes you heard it right. I don’t have a youtube channel and all these years I’ve been an underground artist. So I am going to drop my first music video. So I hope everything goes all well. Other than that, I am just want this pandemic to end soon.

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