End of the Night: The horror continues in Uttar Pradesh under the “Jungle-Raj”. The #HathrasCase witnessed uglier sight yesterday, post-midnight. Ground Reports show a different visual than what was portrayed by the UP Police.

Ambulance rushed towards the cremation site, which happens to be 200m away from the victim’s home. Victim’s family, relatives, and villagers attempted to stop the ambulance. In fact, one of their relatives slept on the ground, in front of the ambulance, demanding the body to be taken home. Despite which, the UP Police “BURNT” the body, without the family’s consent.

During the cremation, no one from the family was present at the site. The police barricaded them inside their home. Police reached out to “console” the family saying, “Galti Aapse Bhi Hui hai”. This is the protection, this is the safeguard.

Victim’s mother sobbed, pleading to take her daughter’s body home. But the restrictions were harder than action. Why was it so urgent to cremate the body going against the family’s consent? Who will answer these questions?

Meanwhile, a section of the “fake-peddlars” are justifying this horrific act, that the family was present at the time of cremation. However, the father of the victim after speaking to CM Yogi said, “It is true that we didn’t get to see our daughter.”

The story continues to haunt, while another gang-rape and murder was reported in UP’s Balrampur earlier today, where after the crime, the 22-yo Dalit girl was injected with poison and murdered.

Let’s be precise! “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao” was never a slogan, but a warning to every daughter of this nation. A warning to the families, to protect their daughters and educate them. Not to nourish, but to understand “HOW TO NOT GET RAPED.” Shame on those who are JUSTIFYING the #HasthrasHorror.

Protestors are getting arrested, narratives are being made. Justice is yet again, delayed. 

#JusticeForDevi #ThePeopleNetwork

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