A 40-year-old lawyer from Bihar, Gopalganj, was severely injured after being allegedly shot at by four unidentified bike-borne assailants on Wednesday morning.

According to the police, the lawyer was identified as Navin Kumar who was on his way to Gopalganj civic court on his motorcycle from his house in Jamsadi village. He was shot on his way to the court by 4 bikers in Bedutola locality.

The lawyer had been shot a total of six times including in his stomach after which he started to bleed severely. He was quickly rushed to a hospital in Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh.

The police have launched a probe into the matter and CCTV footage of the area is being scanned through to identify the attackers. As per the police the intention behind the attack is still unknown.

The incident caused a disruption among the lawyers who boycotted their work and shouted slogans against the police. The protesting lawyers demanded the police to immediately arrest the attackers and bring justice to the victim.

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