In a 5-minute video recorded in front of the Oval Office, President Trump suggested catching COVID-19 was a “blessing from God” for leading him to the treatment he says left him feeling “perfect.”

Trump, who was also given Dexamethasone and remdesivir, appeared to credit Regeneron for making him feel well, claiming that it was his idea to take the monoclonal antibody therapy. He went on to refer to the therapeutic treatment as a “cure,” despite there being no cure for COVID-19.

It was Trump’s first visit to the Oval Office since being discharged from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Monday.

President Trump further said he was authorising federal acquisition of Regeneron and a new, similar anti-Covid-19 drug from Ely Lilly for free distribution to hospital patients nationwide.

“If I had not caught the coronavirus, we would have been looking at it like a number of other drugs. But, it really did a fantastic job. That’s what I want for everybody. I want everybody to be given the same treatment as your President because I feel great. I feel like perfect”

Next, Donald Trump hit out at China for the coronavirus.

The US President minced no words while trying to praise himself and his government for advancement in coronavirus vaccine and medicine research.

Inputs: India Today and The Wire

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