Nikki Haley, who was the former US Ambassador to the UN, has said that China is the number one threat to the United States’ national security. She issued the statement during a fireside chat event organised by the Indian Voices for Trump in the battleground state of Philadelphia.

She went on to add that President Trump has put China on notice and has made sure that Beijing does not steal American intellectual properties. She also stated that the President has made sure that China cannot go on and spy on American universities and that they are going to hold China accountable as they move forward.

The relationship between America and China was already under strain due to the trade war between the two nations but after the Covid-19 pandemic started, Trump has been under heavy criticism for mishandling the Covid situation in America which has contributed in making the relationship between the two countries much worse.

Speaking on other issues, Haley mentioned that the last administration under Biden and Obama gave literally planes full of cash to the largest sponsor of terror and they took that cash and funnelled it to spread terrorism throughout Yemen, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. The Trump administration had to pull out the money so that the US could use it for its own development, she added.

Nikki is campaigning for Trump ahead of the US election. The presidential elections in the US will be held on Tuesday, November 3.

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