A 29 year old woman who underwent a CT scan after a minor car accident was shocked to find two needles embedded deep in her brain. Zhu, from Zhengzhou in Henan Province of China, met with a car accident recently. She was advised to get a CT scan to ensure that there were no internal damages.

The CT scan showed no injuries related to the accident, however, it revealed something bizarre. There were two five-centimetre-long needle-shaped metal objects stuck in the woman’s skull. The width of the metallic needles was about 4.9 millimetres.

The doctors believe that the needles might have been deliberately or accidentally inserted into Zhu’s head when she was a child, as judging by their diameter, they wouldn’t have been able to pierce a fully developed skull.

In another incident, doctors at a hospital in China removed a six-inch live worm from a woman’s brain after she suffered from severe headaches in May. The doctors said the woman’s brain was infected after eating unhygienic food like raw or half-cooked meat.

Inputs: Times Now

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