After weeks of struggle amid the novel coronavirus pandemic, Sangeetha, an auto driver’s daughter pursuing B.Com in Chennai, is able to attend her online classes using her own new tablet she received as a gift. Over the last few weeks, she has been using her cousin’s device to attend her classes. It was then help came from Gunisha Aggarwal, a Class 12 student who is reaching out to needy students with used smartphones and laptops to bridge the digital divide.

“The tablet is so useful. The free laptop given by the government last year crashed. I want to become a banker. The tablet will also help me to prepare for it,” says Sangeetha.

In another part of Chennai, a restaurant waiter’s class X daughter is a relieved lot, thanks to the efforts by Gunisha.

Gunisha, the daughter of Chennai police Commissioner Mahesh Kumar Aggarwal was moved seeing her mother give a used laptop to a domestic help’s daughter, so she could join online classes. Soon, she set up a website to help students in need of a laptop or smartphones.

So far Gunisha has given devices to four students and has collected 25 devices including 20 used laptops. Around 15 students have so far applied for devices which she would hand them over this week.

“The pandemic has turned many jobless. While we have so many devices at home many children don’t have even know or siblings share one device. Its our moral responsibility to bridge this digital divide,” Gunisha, who aspires to pursue economics or law, told NDTV.

Balancing time for her online classes and this novel service, Gunisha, who has even helped many needy with food packets during Covid-induced lockdown, now wants to partner with any non profit organisations to help more students in distress due to the digital divide.

As reported by NDTV.

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