End of the Night: Assam Pradesh Congress Committee’s Leader & MLA from Assam’s Mariani, Rupjyoti Kurmi amid the Pandemic, made a statement claiming, the entire COVID-19 situation in Assam is a ‘drama’, and that everything related to the Pandemic is ‘political’.

Congress MLA Kurmi, while addressing the Media made some statements which would make you think whether he truly spoke as a ‘representative’ of the public or was he another ordinary graduate of the ‘Whatsapp University’ doing the work of an IT Cell.

He said Tarun Gogoi is not infected with COVID-19. He is sick because of his age, also that everybody knows he has a pacemaker. Not just that, Kurmi said, Former President, Late Pranab Mukherjee who passed away just a couple of days back, wasn’t too a COVID-19 patient. Kurmi accused, if the former President was COVID-19 positive, why would the Government say after he passed away?

Kurmi’s ‘facebook-like’ argument also included why schools aren’t made COVID-19 centres. But will MLA Kurmi understand, places with common toilets aren’t the first choice as COVID-19 centres? We doubt.

It has also been seen that while the Congress MLA visits the public, neither any norms of social-distancing are maintained, nor the public including himself could be seen wearing a mask. In exception, he has been seen wearing a mask often.

The Question is: Is the public fool, or are these representatives? The battle against COVID-19 has been felt worldwide, including the U.S brutally. Economy has been shattering all across the world. Meanwhile, leaders like MLA Rupjyoti Kurmi continue to claim that “COVID-19 is fake”.

Well, these narratives happen when one mostly surfs through Facebook-based reports, and often rely on courses provided by the Whatsapp University.

At last, an observation: If Kurmi believes COVID-19 to be just as Conjunctivitis, Chicken Pox, why don’t he stop wearing the mask?

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