End of the Night: Thousands of stories, thousands of tragedies. Some we catch attention, some we don’t. Some we want to know, while some we don’t reach out to even report. But, stories like these hold grief and are tragic. This is how merciless, COVID is. And how tragic, its death remains.
In the last week, one such tragic story happened in Assam.

This story is about the famous Assamese actress, Chetana Das. Known for her joyful presence, and her loving nature. Suffering from mild symptoms, Das and her husband were both tested positive for COVID-19. Admitted in a private hospital in Guwahati, both were quite stable when suddenly her husband’s oxygen saturation level fell to 52%.

Condition remained critical when Chetana Das was shifted to GMCH for better treatment. Her husband treated in the ICU needed Plasma, and was in a critical condition. Despite a hard-managed arrangement to provide plasma, her husband succumbed to the virus.

She wasn’t even informed as she was too suffering from the virus. She couldn’t even see him for the last time, neither good be there at his last rites.

On the other hand, several tragic stories are reported everyday, where COVID-19 becomes the reason behind the horrific tragedy.

Assam’s situation is getting dangerous. Noted Doctors saying COVID-19 beds are filling up. There are hurdles to even get admitted in one. Not just that, mosques are filling up. Cremations of patients are getting registered in serial numbers.

Right now, the solution is no longer Lockdowns, or restrictions, but self-realisation. People still questioning if COVID-19 is real, or whether the Government is doing a ‘planned’ agenda behind the Pandemic should realise there are over 72,000 stories where COVID-19 brought extreme grief.

At the end, this is just one of the heart-breaking stories, while there are thousands untold. Stay Safe, and Take Care.

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