A 38 year old Covid-19 patient who was recently seen in a viral video being thrashed by the hospital staff in Rajkot Civil Hospital in Gujarat has succumbed to the virus. The patient Prabhakar Patil’s brother Vilas Patil has blamed the hospital administration for his death.

Vilas Patil said his brother died on September 12 at the hospital and before that he was brutally beaten up by the staff. Despite the patient’s death due to Covid-19, the hospital allegedly handed over his body to the brother. It was also alleged that the body was not cremated as per the protocol.

During this, a video went viral on social media which showed the Covid patient being thrashed by nursing staff and security personnel inside the hospital.

Hospital authorities on Thursday (September 17) claimed the patient was “mentally disturbed” and was being restrained not thrashed, to avoid inflicting injuries to himself or others in the medical facility.

Prabhakar worked as an operator at a factory in the city and was mentally fit. His family members have demanded the government to take action against the hospital alleging that Prabhakar died due to the negligence and inhuman behaviour by the hospital staff.

Inputs: India Today
Visuals: Screengrab of the Video

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