End of the Night: While the country fights against Child Labour & exploitation, a Husband-Wife duo from Dibrugarh assaulted a 12-year-old minor who worked as a Domestic Worker, by pouring boiled water while the child was sleeping. Dibrugarh’s brutally devastating incident.

The Husband, Dr. Siddhi Prasad Deori, who is a retired Doctor from AMCH, Dibrugarh & the Wife, Dr. Mitali Konwar who is the Principal of Moran College were abusing the minor for ‘silly’ reasons since the time he worked in their house, claimed the child.

Following this act of brutality, huge protests staged on Thursday in Dibrugarh, demanding the arrest of the two-prime accused, two others – Priyankshu Deuri, son of the accused Dr. Siddhiprasad Deuri, and Kunal Senapati – were arrested.

The Minor, who hails from Jorhat said, he was beaten several times previously as well by his “MAALIK”, referring to the accused Husband-Wife. He said, his family knew nothing about his situation, or this incident as his ‘owners’ did not let him contact his family. He said, when this barbaric incident happened, the accused was drunk.

An “Educated” & “Qualified” family who had this minor as their Domestic Worker; this barbaric incident proves the demand of “HUMANITY” beyond any qualifications & certificates. Incidents like these continue to prove why one needs to be a HUMAN first.

Per information, the minor boy is now fine. But his burnt-skin will take time to heal.
India has witnessed several such cases of minors getting exploited, assaulted physically, mentally or sexually over the time. Every month several children are rescued.

At the end, your HUMANITY is what drives your QUALIFICATION or EDUCATION. Holding certificates and acting as inhuman is what makes your ‘attributes’ WORTHLESS.

Absconding Doctor-Principal couple now “WANTED”, as the Minor seeks justice. Who will deliver, and when? Remember, “Justice delayed is Justice denied”.

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