Discovering Digital Art with Samiran

1. What are your artistic inspirations/influences, specifically regarding how you approach your art?

 Ranging from ordinary things such as nature to artificial stuff, there is no limit to my artistic inspirations.  I do art and design which are 2 different things, I am always inspired by concepts where you can combine stuff such as you combine organic art with artificial sci-fi vibes. I tend to surf endlessly on design and websi tes like Behance, Artstation, Pinterest etc to see if I can get inspired from anything new. To be honest I mostly base my approach on art through random crazy ideas. I might do a very minimal one and the next I might do a highly complex piece but what matters is that it must give a satisfactory vibe.

2. Which are some acts and artists you have collaborated with?

I am very grateful to have worked/collaborated with a Texas based progressive rock band called ‘Polyphia’. Recently I worked with an Italian Chillstep artist called ‘KISNOU’ on his recent EP. I also contributed on some projects with kpop groups called ‘KARD’ and ‘BTS’. Currently I am working as a creative director of Rainforest Records.

3. What was it like working with these acts?

Well, it is a life changing experience when you get to work with your idols, because you admire them so much and you are passionate about them. So same goes for me. If you see broadly, it makes you think why you were chosen from among so many others for the particular work. It really uplifts your persona. It also outweighs the hardships and makes chasing dreams and goals more worth it. At the same time, working with hugely popular acts also brings tension and discipline which teach you to work hard, have fun and remain focused at the same time.

4. If you could work with any artist from the present or the past who would it be?

 Well that’s a tough one. I guess for designers/artists I would like to work with legends of the past like Leonardo DaVinci and Vincent van Gogh with my present favorites like Bill Elis and Vasjen Katro etc. They could come up with awesome things as they have knowledge from two different generations.

 5. If you could share one suggestion in which our independent art scene can be made more solid / one thing you could change about the Indian art scene, what would that be?

What matters is getting your stuff out to almost every online platform possible as its free and doesn’t hurt. Plus the one thing I noticed that works well is like collaboration with international artists and brands; just email them who knows they might get interested. For a change starts with change in each individuals mentality, the art scene should be more organized and disciplined and have a good relationship with fans too as fans also need to connect with artists on an emotional level and see that artists are just normal human beings as them.

6. What are your opinions on the graphics designing scene in the northeast / some heads up to the artists or scenes the fans can follow?

 The scene here in NE India has huge potential because of rich culture, aesthetics, values etc. The only problem is there is no such profound institute or guide to be honest. So even if they want to show their skills, they don’t get enough exposure. I am not in a position to give advice as even I am in the learning process but for starters I can say learn the basics, have a hungry curiosity, have an open mind to learn something new and combine ideas. Most importantly don’t compare your work with others because this usually leads to anxiety and depression in some, instead think of how you can improve than what you were yesterday.

7. What’s next for you?

 Well I have lots of things as plans but I guess I have to organize them. I have been planning to do work for kpop side especially with LOONA. Also I have a plan with UNESCO which is uncertain. I have also been planning to sell my design and art assets in websites so stay tuned. Also recently I am intrigued with connecting more with the art and design community worldwide so that I can learn and grow.

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