The COVID-19 lockdown was brought upon in March to combat the rampant spread of the virus. While a majority of us were able to spend this time in the comfort of our homes, there were scores of people who had no roof on their heads and no food to eat.

This was extremely hard for the migrant laborers. With no transportation services, many of them walked barefoot to their villages. Scores of them died on the way home. Their plight was an uncomfortable reminder of how some of the precautionary measures taken to fight the deadly virus proved to be detrimental.

As the country slowly unlocks itself, a Durga puja pandal in Kolkata seeks to depict the struggle of India’s migrant workforce.

The AK Block Durga puja committee in Salt Lake has chosen “Humanity” as its theme this year. While the organizers have scaled down celebrations due to pandemic this year, they say, it is their duty to send across a social message.

Artisans have come with life-sized statues, murals, and images of migrant workers to depict scenes of the massive exodus the country witnessed during the 68-day lockdown.

“They have all come back leaving behind their jobs in other cities. They are struggling to make a livelihood. It is our duty to help them now be it rickshaw pullers, phuchka sellers or daily wage earners. We want people to realize how crucial their work is for the smooth running of our lives,” says Samrat Bhattacharya, the artist who is creating the pandal.

Here are some Visuals :

Inputs: India Today

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