… enough said! Hasthras’ Tragedy. 19-yo Rape Victim dies

End of the Night: Mother, Daughter and a son, on a hot sunny day goes to the fields, cutting & gathering grass. Barely at a distance of 300m from home. Moments later, the son leaves to fill water for the buffaloes, while the mother-daughter duo continues what they were already doing.

Mother calling out her daughter, for a certain number of times. But received no response. An angry mother headed to find where her daughter left for. While after, she found Devi’s body lying naked. Her mouth was bleeding, and injuries to her genitals. The agony screamed out of the helpless mother.

Initially, a case as an ‘attempted to murder’ was registered. But, a week later when Devi herself stated that she was gang-raped. Three new names were added. Later, leading to the arrest of all of them.

Devi had a deep cut on her tongue, and multiple fractures and injuries on her body. Fighting all of it for weeks, she passed away on 28th, at Delhi.

This is one of the many brutal crimes, recorded against women. Recently, reported in Uttar Pradesh, which is emerging as what netizens call it, “JUNGLE-RAJ”. Giving a flash of the devastating Nirbhaya, these incidents are no less. Just that, less politicised, and less covered. But the most important fact remains, SAFETY!

Following the Nirbhaya incident, the UPA Government initiated the ‘Nirbhaya Funds’ to ensure Women Safety. However, despite allotments, this fund remains massively UNDER-UTILISED.

Smriti Irani, who happened to make a loud voice then, is silent today. No comments or action by PM Modi, or CM Yogi. Again, COMPENSATION is not the answer.

Remembering BJP’s ad on ‘Nari Suraksha’. “Abhi Baar, Modi Sarkaar” happened twice, but where is Suraksha?



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