Expressing Art with Hrishi

Meet Hrishi Yangam Hazarika, an aspiring sketching and painting enthusiast who colours still images and walls across town.

  1. What were your initial inspirations which got you into painting and sketching?

  Well, first of all, as they say, “charity begins at home”. The same thing happened with me. My mother is simply brilliant in embroidery works and as a child when I used to see her working and making those beautiful designs on those pieces, it really attracted me. So, it all began from there, as I grew up, my interest in art and painting also grew and then I was admitted to an art school, where my guru became my inspiration with artistic works and all the technicalities. I have always learned a lot from them and that keeps me going.

  • Do you remember the first piece you made? Tell us about some of your projects you have a happy and fond memory of.

Well, I don’t clearly remember the exact first thing that I drew, must have been too small to even remember. There have been many of them, but the first piece that brought me some fame and that turned my fortunes, I would say as a little artist, was that of a Lion that I had made with pen and ink style, probably in class 6 or 7.  The painting was basically about a lion that I tried to portray as being scared by a few creatures around him, wearing masks. So, I basically tried to create a metaphor of the social situation where even the powerful, deserving and the actual superior creatures are dominated or pushed to a zone of inferiority by less deserving, dishonest creatures that simply wears masks of honesty or that of being civilized. So that painting was chosen for a number of exhibitions and that brought me a lot of fame. So that’s one vivid memory that I have.

Moreover last year I did a wall painting of Jesus for a school for Christmas ,as that was a commissioned art therefore the demanded to get done on or before Christmas eve, that painting was really close to my heart, me and my friend Arup literally worked whole night a day before Christmas eve and we finished it.

That project really makes me happy.

  • What is your preferred medium and why did you choose it?

 I started with water color but currently I am working with charcoal as my medium. There’s no specific reason actually why I preferred charcoal over any other medium, it’s just I find charcoal more comfortable than any other preferred medium.

  • How do you manage to get out of an art block?

 I basically listen to a lot of music, I play wind instruments moreover I watch a lot of web series and that really helps me.

  • Which are some notable modern artists that you look up to and believe should get more attention?

So I really like the art form of Abanindra Nath Tagore, he was the father of Mordern Indian art his paintings like Bharat Mata in Japanese style was really beautiful.

And the next person I really adore and respect was Neelpawan Baruah sir, he is a beautiful person from inside and out, according to me he’s not getting enough of what he really deserves, maybe he was born in a wrong place where his hardwork and talent didn’t get much recognition as much as he deserves,  and we all know nowadays it has become very usual and common that we human beings start to value things when it’s too late ,hence we can hope for a better future where an artist like him gets more recognition in the right time when its needed.

  • We knowing your talents on the paper and wind instruments, what will be useless talent you have on a lighter note?

Well it’s difficult for one to even identify his/her useful talents and work on it and here I am being asked about the useless ones (with a chuckle). Umm, I would say that I get on pretty well with people and given a society that we are currently living in, where people just love to remain confined to their own zone without talking to people, I think to have a quality to get going with all sorts of people, to start a conversation, make friends, to get well with people, these all are no less than ‘talents’ and I am glad I have those qualities. Apart from that, I like to be happy at all times, like to keep a smiling face, again something that’s rare, so yeah, and that’s all.

  • What advice do you have for people starting out to explore during this quarantine days?

 The lockdown has been a boon in disguise. People are getting to introspect themselves, their talents and it’s good to see that many people are coming up with great talents, art being one of them. I would just suggest them to continue with it, not just keeping it confined to only the lockdown days, but also after all of these ends and normalcy is restored, one should at least take out an hour or a half to pursue their hobbies, be it art, dance, music whatever. It keeps the momentum going and at the same time provides much needed peace to the mind

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