Find a BABA KA DHABA in your city too.

End Of The Night: The day’s BIG highlight. Something positive to dig out amidst all the negative surfacing over and out, on the internet. Social Media, debated mostly for its “cons”, has shown its “pros” today, when help in huge numbers poured out for a ‘simple’ owner of a road-side Dhaba. ‘Simple’ because, neither they were active in social media, nor they were enjoying the Lockdown phase.

Quite evident how crore of Indians suffered with the Pandemic taking the horrifying shape, with the Lockdowns just getting extended. Some qualifications fell short, and brought many to the streets. Workers who survived on daily-wages found no way out. This continued, and seemed nobody cared. Even if we did, little did many notice.

On 7th October, a YouTuber using his platform shared the video of #BabaKaDhaba, which went viral. An elderly couple sobbing & wiping tears off their cheeks, as they felt a huge income loss after the Lockdown.

Like the twist in tales like many stories, Baba too witnessed something surprising yet shocking the next day. Queues as long as we cannot imagine; demands back like the pre-COVID stage, and suddenly help started pouring in from all over the country. Yes, Indians showed why we are meant to stay together.

The owners’ reactions were astonishing.

Online-Fooding Application, “Zomato” included #BabaKaDhaba on their line-up of restaurants. They said they will add many more stalls, and have left a link online for the public to inform.

At the end, this is an alternate and digital era. This is beyond the hatred, narratives & lies we witness getting peddled on-air. These images from Delhi’s Malviya Nagar emerged out as the “Positive of the Day”. Smiles, and the utter happiness on their faces. But, this shall go beyond.

#LetsHelpOut as we say. Use the platform, help as little as you can. Let’s bring the change, TOGETHER.


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