Coca-Cola changed the flavour of its soda in 1985 and enraged a nation.

The company promised “an even more iconic Coke taste” for its new version of Coke Zero. Others recall the marketing debacle of 1985, when Coca-Cola unveiled “New Coke,” a sweeter version of the original soft drink that was rejected by my consumers.

Anxious Americans, or at least the ones who regularly quaff Coke Zero, will be the judge.

Some consumers vowed to switch to other drinks, like Diet Dr Pepper, or threatened to turn to the Coca-Cola archrival, Pepsi.

Some of the people who experienced the debacle, said the soda was “flat and too sweet.”

A writter in Florida called it “a taste tragedy.”

A spokeperson for Pepsi-Cola declare it “a tremendous opportunity for us.”

That change was attempt to beat back the growing succes of Pepsi, which was beginning to cut into Coca-Cola’s market share.

But consumers hated New Coke. In June 1985, the company was getting 1,500 calls a day on its consumer hottline.

Coca-Cola has already updated the product in some international markets, where some customers wonder why Coke is messing with their beloved drink.

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