End of the Night: Free-Market = Freedom or exploitation? The farmers, or in a broader term, the “Agricultural Sector” has been India’s spine. Even in the huge GDP fall-out, the Agricultural Sector’s output was the only positive. Now, back to the question: FREE MARKET = FREEDOM or EXPLOITATION?

The parliament witnessed a very unruly situation, protests bigger than that in the streets, and it seems like the “Dharna” politics is back! Eight opposition MPs were suspended for one-week. The opposition’s no-confidence motion against the Deputy Chairman of RS Harivansh was not accepted by the chair.

The demands, needs, and proposed reforms itself differs. The main ‘voice-of protest’ rose from Punjab & Haryana. However, the bigger question is will Liberalising the Agri-sector help the ‘struggling’ farmers? The risk is more, and the chances are less, almost NIL.

We picked ‘TWO-unpopular’ disputes that worrisome:

FIRST, the farmers cannot reach out to the Civil Court in regards to any dispute with the Traders. A conciliation board will be set up to resolve such disputes. Now, the problem is, can legal disputes or contractual agreements get settled by Indian Farmers alone? 

SECOND, traders can be anyone with only a PAN Card. No sort of license required in order to enter in the trading of the agri-sector. Can the Agri-sector, the “Spine” be left to be dealt with such ease?

The other fear which has been ‘imposed’ by the opposition is that of MSP (Minimum Support Price), which is one of the reasons why the protests are Punjab-Haryana centric, since farmers there, comparatively depend largely on it.

At the end, this certainly is not about RISKING. India’s biggest recent GDP fall, saw only the Agri-Sector as the positive. OPENING it up, can be a wrong step, may be?

By the way, Kangana Ranaut calling out farmers protesting as “TERRORIST”? What do you think?


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