The coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on many people’s lives and made it difficult for them to even fulfil their basic needs. The basic source of income has been cut off from them, there are many cases surfacing on the internet from all over India about people who have not got a single penny during these tough times.

However, Ashwin Thakkar a visually impaired man has the courage and not to give up attitude and in Prime Minister words to be ‘Atmanirbhar’ as he told ANI.

Ashwin Thakkar, was working as a telephone operator in a hotel in Ahmedabad. Financial crisis during the COVID-19 induced lockdown gave an idea to Ashwin of starting his own business. In the month of May-June, he started selling Carrie as it was a season of the fruit. Later he started the business of dried Kutch dates and then switched to selling Farsan which is a Gujarati snack.

Speaking to ANI, Ashwin Thakkar said, “I have never done business before and I never thought the business would go this long. I started selling Carrie fruit then I started selling dried dates and now I have started selling homemade Gujarati snacks. Being blind it was difficult for me to do the delivery, bring raw materials but, with my will power I got success in doing business. My wife also supported me a lot. We are planning to set up a stall of sweets during the days of Dussehra and Diwali”

“As I am not able to see, many people come to help me. But, I believe that if we are fit we should not take the help of anyone. Everyone has some talent in themselves and if they work hard they will achieve success. I have learnt how to be Atmanirbhar,” added Ashwin.

Where some people are trying new ways to earn livelihood there are several cases where people are duping innocent job seekers in return of jobs offers.

Source: NDTV and ANI

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