End of the Night: Months back in India, when the Lockdown was initially imposed, one of the most debating topics was the “MIGRANT WORKERS’ ISSUES”. Lakhs of workers travelling from one place to other, some on foot, some on cycles, some hanging upon the trucks, or some on the carts. Unbearable heat, food & water were just their secondary needs. India witnessed that massive phase.

The Union Ministry of Labour & Employment told the Lok Sabha that they had no datas of migrant workers’ death & loss of job. Minister Santosh Kumar Gangwar replied on being asked about any assessment of job losses of migrant workers as well as if they were aware about who died on their way back home. Was this an excuse by the Ministry?

EDITOR Speaks:


Several deaths were reported during that period. Some who died in accidents, some out of starvation, some killed themselves out of frustration and depression. It was one of the worst phases India’s Lockdown witnessed.

Railway tracks had workers walking, and no trains. As such, the Aurangabad incident on 8th May, where 14-migrant labourers were crushed by a running train early in the morning. Govt. soon initiated the ‘Shramik Train’ facility, to help lakhs of workers travel back to their homes. A total of 1,04,66,152 workers returned back home, according to official datas. 

Were those losses not worth compensating by the Government? Under the “Inter-State Migrant Workmen Act, 1979”, states should create the database of migrant workers. If the Government had the data, their losses can be compensated as well.

The Lockdown, which was promised to be of 21-days extended to more than four-months. Migrant Workers sobbed to death. Some spent weeks with empty stomachs, while some fed their child to walk miles. Many babies were given birth in the roadway.

PEOPLE DEMANDS ANSWER! Are these losses not worth compensation for the Government?


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