Guwahati’s TOP school breaks guidelines; Plans to hold “secret” exams

End of the Night: The Central Government issued the new Guidelines for #Unlock5 on 30th September, where it was clearly stated that decisions on re-opening of Educational Institutions will be decided by the State Governments only after 15th October. 

On top of it, Assam Education Minister, Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma said, The Educational Institutions in Assam will be reopened after 1st November, only. Until then, only “voluntary” classes were initiated, where no mandatory examinations were conducted.

On 1st October, one of the top and reputed Schools in Guwahati circulated a time-table, allegedly to hold offline examinations in their schools premises. In fact, the Seat Plans were announced and circulated on a messaging application.

Interesting part of the entire incident is that students were strictly ordered, by this Authority to wear uniforms, actually “half-uniforms” while they attended the online classes. On the other hand, for the offline-examinations, the Authority instructed to wear “civil uniforms” only. Was there any attempt to “secretly” conduct the offline examinations?

One of the faculties from the School clarified, saying this time-table is only a “tentative” one, and that final decisions will come only with the permission of the guardians. However, nowhere in the notification mentioned of it being a “TENTATIVE” one.

Informing our colleague, 71-parents so far, signed a letter to the Principal, disapproving the idea to conduct the offline examinations, amid the COVID-19 situation in the city.

Like Assam Education Minister said, any violation of guidelines by any Education Institutions should be reported legally, there have been questions over this Institution violation the Centre-issued Guidelines.

Question remains, with the State Government already announcing the reopening of Educational Institutions from 1st November, why is this Educational Institution in a hurry to conduct “offline examinations”? Also, Uniform during Online classes, but Civil dress during Offline?

Can a Private School violate MHA’s guidelines? Answers awaited.


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