End of the Night: Ever since Lockdown, people have been vocal about the issues faced by the students particularly. From the Digital-Divide to attend online-classes, to the collection of high-fee despite regulations. People protested against the decision to hold Final-Year Examinations, or Entrance Examinations amid the rising cases of COVID-19 in India. Meanwhile, the other side of the plight of online classes is something we often talk less about.

While students today are ‘adjusting’ with the technological classes in the online mode, the teachers are going to an even tougher phase to adjust with the online mode of classes. Most of them are learning to adapt themselves into this technological world to conduct the classes.

Some took the help from their husbands/wives, some their children, some who relied on google, and some who were helped by the students. The pandemic disrupted everything, and this ‘new normalcy’ had new adjustments, out of which, this was one.

Meanwhile these adjustments, students are creating nuisance, in short the millennial’s description as: ONLINE CLASSES GONE WRONG.

Mocking teachers, entering e-Classrooms with FakeID, playing illicit music during lectures. Not just that, smoking to the camera, verbally abusing to even threatening to RAPE, the limits were all crossed. Students even shared pornography during the classes.

One reason for this to continuously happen is the encouragement passed by several. These are considered to be “FUNNY”, which it is absolutely not. YouTube Channels make video with “disclaimers” calling not to consider it as offending, but only as “entertainment”. This sense of reinforcement is something that gets boosted when people tend to laugh and like such activities. Lakhs of views, like, subscription, in return some “popularity”, and some money sometimes.

But at the end, “MIA KHALIFA DID NOT LEAVE THE CLASSROOM”, but it was “DECENCY” which did.

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