Shocking information hails from Hathras, where the Victim’s family reached Allahabad High Court. It is alleged that the immediate family of the deceased victim – her father, mother, two brothers, sister-in-law and grandmother – have been illegally detained in their own homes by the Uttar Pradesh Government.

The family of the victim in the Hathras case has moved a habeas corpus petition in the Allahabad High Court against alleged illegal detention by the UP Government.

The writ petition has been moved by the Akhil Bharatiya Valmiki Mahapanchayat on behalf of the detained family, through Advocates Kashif Abbas Rizvi and Joun Abbas.

“Ever since the information and horror of this distressing event has spread across India, the administration has been making all attempts to threaten, pressurize, and intimidate the Petitioners into making false statements which may enable the widespread discontent to die down, and the perpetrators of the crime to go scot free,” the plea stated.

It added, “As part of this scheme, the administration had installed blockades in and around Hathras District, and persons who seek to travel to the area are being prohibited to do so without any lawful reason, and being prevented from doing so by use of illegal force and measures.”

The plea further discloses that the family has been “gheraoed” at its own home since September 14, i.e. the date of the incident and only her brother was allowed to accompany her at the Hospital in Agra. Further, it is submitted that only on September 28, when she was being moved to Delhi, did the Government allow two more members of the family to visit her.

It is also alleged that the family was not given custody of the victim’s corpse and they remained “forcefully confined” in their homestead land and continue to remain as such.

It may be noted that since the Petitioners are allegedly under detention, the Affidavit has been sworn by the National General Secretary of the Akhil Bharatiya Valmiki Mahapanchayat, who claims to have received instructions from the family over telephone, via Whatsapp.

(Inputs: LiveLaw)

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