US President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden participated in their second and final presidential debate on Friday at Belmont University in Nashville, Tenn. Given how chaotic the first debate between the two was, this time around the event organisers have muted both Trump and Biden while the other delivers their responses to each of the six debate topics.

Here are the major highlights from the Final Presidential debate –

• Donald Trump on the issue of climate change calls out at Russia, China and India. He stated that the air is “Filthy” in these countries.

• Trump also said that we’ve to make our country the way it was before the “plague” came in from China.

• Former Vice President Joe Biden says he would push for a $15 – per hour minimum wage and rejected the idea that it would hurt small businesses.

• Trump went on to make bold claims like “The Black community likes me and I like them”.

• Trump also attacked Biden by saying that Biden had called the Black community “Super Predators” back in 1994.

• Joe Biden said that there is “Institutional Racism” in America.

• Biden also said that a black parent has to teach their children not to have hoodie on in the street.

• Trump claimed himself to be the “Least Racist” person in the room.

• Trump blamed Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi even as Pelosi continues to negotiate a deal with Trump’s emissary, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. Trump also added that Pelosi doesn’t want to do anything that would help him.

• Biden pointing his fingers at Trump asked, “What are you hiding?”. He told Trump to release his tax returns or stop talking about corruption.

• Trump addressed the issue where he was accused of only paying $750 in taxes in 2017 by claiming that he was told he “prepaid tens of millions of dollars,” and that $750 he paid was a “filing fee”.

• In response to the Covid situation, Trump said, ” We’re fighting it hard … We’re rounding the corner. It’s going away.”

• Joe Biden then accused Trump of not telling the US citizens that the coronavirus is a dangerous and kept telling people to not to worry.

• Biden went into full attack mode and said, ” Anyone who’s responsible for that many deaths should not remain as president of the United States of America”.

• Trump responded to Biden’s accusations by stating that ” We can’t close our nation, 99.9% people have recovered; we can’t stay in a basement like Joe Biden”.

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