End of the Night: India, land of diversities, varied cultures, and several sources of entertainment. By entertainment, we include news as well. Demands of sarcastic and satirical news packages certainly saw a toll-up, while this seek of sensation hits all-time low in the National Media currently.

Whatapps chats and forwards are now “Big Breakings”, while “No Data on Migrant deaths” became a secondary bulletin. Welcome to the new-Mass Media. With sensations hitting high TRPs on the television, sensation are also getting viral on the digital platforms with more likes and more shares.

Bollywood under the radar. The BollyDAWOOD’s nepotism was first exposed and now the “druggie” angle. The “Justice for Sushant Singh Rajput” has now exposed the Drug-side of the “Dream-Industry” for many. Meanwhile, the “Global Campaign” on Justice-Demand seems to fade away now.

Top Bollywood “Stars” are now summoned by the Narcotics Control Bureau, raising out the questions about bollyDAWOOD’s ugly reality. With the new turns, Bollywood’s previous controversy on the “Casting Couch” remains standstill.

In India, Movie Stars or Actors aren’t watched as ‘Entertainers’ but are worshipped as heroes. Not just with huge commercial demand, but a mentality to cherish them not only as the role-model but as the idols of our life. The question is: IS THIS WORTH DOING?

In the run to be on TOP, privacy goes tossing. Chats before years back are now getting leaked, and flashing on the screens as BIG BREAKINGS. Aside from investigating agencies, the Media trials are now getting popular with each day passing.

Do you remember photos of Sushant’s body getting viral? At that moment, it was only the Mumbai Police who could capture those photos. But then, who leaked them? Did anyone ask?

At the end, ‘ignoring’ all the fundamentals the nation is today functioning! Along with Bollywood Clean-up, we definitely need some more in somewhere else as well.


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