In yet another proud achievement by India on Wednesday, had successfully tested the extended range of the BrahMoS Supersonic cruise missile, which has emerged as the primary precision strike conventional weapon for the armed forces,from the integrated test range at Balasore.

The missile, whose test-firing was successful, is capable of hitting targets at more than 400-km range.The test was carried out under PJ-10 project of the Defence Research and Development Organisation, under which the missile was launched with an indigenous booster.

BrahMos missile, developed as part of a joint venture between India and Russia, was originally built with a range of 290 kilometres. However, as part of the capability enhancement, the missile’s range was extended to over 400 kilometres. As per some estimates, the supersonic cruise missile can hits targets at a range of upto 450 kms.

The first test of the extended range BrahMos missile was conducted in March 2017.BrahMos was first inducted into the Indian armed forces in 2005, when it was deployed on Indian Navy ship INS Rajput.

(Inputs included from Times Now)

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