If there is one thing that we Indians can absolutely cannot leave without is street food. Perhaps that is why a new ‘automatic Pani Puri machine’ has caught the attention of people across the country. And this video definitely makes us crave for pani puris and we cannot help but applaud the awesome jugaad.

While taking to the micro-blogging website, IAS Officer Awanish Sharan posted a video of a Pani Puri stall in Raipur, Chattisgarh, which uses a machine that dispenses flavoured water automatically. 

Pani Puri is beloved street food, however with no-contact and social distancing amid such unprecedented times, people had been avoiding the snack which is usually assembled at the spot and served, rather than delivered home. This vending machines, however, might just be the answer to all the recent challenges. The video posted on September 15 shows the machine which uses sensors to prompt the flow of the flavoured water across different nozzles.

From garlic and khatta meetha to Dhanya pudina, the machine uses sensors to dispense the flavoured water. The IAS Officer even praised the innovation as an ‘awesome jugaad’.

This video definitely makes us crave for pani puris.

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