Twenty two year old Kairavi Bharat Ram, a girl who herself is a survivor of depression is in a mission to help others facing the same.

Ram was a typical happy child who started having panic attacks. When she began talking about it, her family realised it was something bigger. She consulted doctors in India and abroad but at the end of the day what helped her was the knowledge that there are other people also who are battling depression. Ram chose to write the book on depression — C is for Cat, D is for Depression. She said when she used to visit her therapist, she would see children younger than her waiting for their session.

 “In my sessions, I would use a lot of metaphors to explain how I am feeling. My therapist would often write them down so that she could use them with her other patients. It’s from there that I got the idea of this book. I have explained depression and what it feels like using metaphors so that it’s easy for children to understand,” explained Ram.

“Writing has always been an escape for me but I couldn’t ever do it unless I felt super emotional or was moved enough. The first few poems I ever wrote were when my grandmother died and my dog died. For some strange reason, I needed to feel strong emotions to be able to put my thoughts down. So that was the only positive of being depressed. I felt strong emotions all the time! I would use different metaphors and examples in my therapy sessions and if some of them resonated really well with me, then I would write them down. And one day when I started feeling a little better and I felt my story had a little bit of power to inspire, I sat down and it just flowed out. 4 hours later I had written a piece of work that I was genuinely proud of”, Kairavi spoke about writing.

She hopes to impart the correct education about depression to the young ones suffering from it. She says the greatest lesson she imparts is of forgiveness. Indeed a story that could inspire many in their tough of anxiety, mental health degradation and other problems as such.

Few excerpts included from TOI.

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