The ongoing military conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan has left scores of people homeless from Nagorno-Karabakh region. Many have fled their homes and moved to the capital city of Yerevan.

While the nation has come together to help the refugees from the border areas, here is an Indian family living in Armenia for the past six years who are doing their bit for the country they now call their home.

Parvez Ali Khan, a 47-year old Indian from Malerkotla in Punjab, has been running a restaurant ‘Indian Mehak’ for the past six years in Armenia. He lives in Yerevan with his wife and two daughters, who are studying.

When he heard of the crisis, he wanted to help the affected people out in any way that he could.

Owning a restaurant seemed like a great advantage to them.

“Then we sent out messages seeking help from volunteers. Every Armenian wanted to come forward and help. It was heartening to see. We have fifty volunteers who help us in the kitchen and help deliver the food. Many Armenians have joined our cause,” he said.

Fifty volunteers and the Khan family together feed many people in Yerevan. His kitchen opens early in the morning and people take turns to cook, assemble, pack and then organisations, who reached out to them help deliver the food.

Aqsa, his daughter, said, “We put up numbers and people shared it in different groups. People are sharing our numbers with refugees that they come across. They then call us.”

“We are also working with a few organisations, which are supporting us. They contact us with list and food requirements. They come and take food and deliver it themselves. We have two days of advance booking but we are trying to increase the quantity being prepared so as to reach out to maximum people,” Aqsa said.

Inputs: India Today

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