Instagram have informed that Facebook Messenger will be integrated into the chat for Instagram.Message threads, as well as calls, will be accessible through both, Instagram as well as Facebook Messenger applications. The new integration with Facebook Messenger means that Instagram chat will get all the reactions emojis, chat colour options as well as the ability to watch videos in sync with other people. Selfie stickers can also be used as reactions while using Instagram to chat following the Facebook integration rolls out.

Also it was stated that the WhatsApp’s vanishing feature would also be available on Instagram,which is that the feature allows the sender to set an expiry time limit for messages to stay before vanishing.However whether that feature will also come to Instagram chat is yet to be confirmed when the rollout comes to all users.User would also get the option to defer from using the update when asked to upgrade and hence it will keep the chat the way it is till eventually, it becomes the new norm.

(Inputs included from Times Now News)

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