Interacting With Arghyadeep Barua

Amidst the lockdown and pandemic scare, we were able to catch up with Arghyadeep Barua of the five piece multilingual project Bottle Rockets India and of Amish fame. Hailing from our home city he has put quite a stir in the hearts and minds of rock and rollers to soulful blues folks alike.

Bonding over casual internet chat and a love for music, we found out that his song inspirations range from U2 TO Sigur Ros, Bollywood to Hans Zimmer, Pink Floyd to Lalun Fakir or as he puts it “folk music of our own maati.” With regard to their songwriting process they mainly and exponentially draw their inspirations from the unseen nature , it is a seed for most of their songs,let it be Dhalu Dhalu, Bukute or Pratibimb, all of these tunes have been sowed out of experiences in and around with the forests or to say the nature within and outside.

When asked about his favourite gig, he says that every gig is special in its own way and more importantly , a learning experience. Whether it was the Guwahati International Music festival, Momofest ,Pyrokenesis or Sofar Shillong, even the corporate gigs have offered something new in the journey of Bottle Rockets India.

Even during the lockdown, they have been doing online gigs with Kerplunk7 , an initiative by Qrated media. He went on to say that although the experience was virtual, they had a lot of fun doing it. The frontman also mentiones that his dream gigs will be with U2, Coldplay, Sigur ros, Pink Floyd, John Mayer and Kodaline .

When jokingly asked about a rather useless talent that he possessed, he mentioned sleeping as one, although he didn’t see it as particularly useless, for it led to dreams.

Talking about his view on the Indian music scene and possible ways to change and improve it, he says that one important thing would be to believe in the music the artists themselves put out and to be original and experiment with the sound and feel of the entire band’s energy. He added that organisers in the independent scene should also try to nurture artists and should not make it just a transactional affair.

Upon reference to his fans, he very humbly says that referring to their listeners as fans is too ambitious a word and he was just fellow children of this planet co-existing in this only world trying to spread his ideas. He stressed on realising the meaning of living in harmony with mother Earth and once we honor that we will automatically enter a life of calm and gratefulness. We should remain positive in these crazy times.

Finally for his future plans in the movie and cinematic scene, he mentioned that he is currently working on two short films and a feature film named Guwahati Diaries. As for the band, he excitedly announced that they have already started to record songs so hopefully they will be releasing their music and videos online very soon. Regarding solo projects, he says that he has recently collaborated with Lateral and Akashitora Baideu in a song which will be releasing hopefully by next week.

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