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While having a sip of coffee with a notebook and a pen at hand, soft drizzles outside of the window and having a good conversation with Mr Mayur Mahanta, a renowned face in the field of Motorcycling this is all he expressed with a constant smile in his face. He founded the Assam Bikers back in 2012 and today it is not just a mere club but a family scaling new heights, heights, growing every passing day all because of the endless support and love of the bikers brotherhood of Assam.

Motorcycling to Mr. Mahanta is now a way of life. The feeling of riding a motorcycle has always excited him and it all started as his passion and now he loves doing every bit of it. Oh, never to forget that riding to far of places and exploring the adventure within us makes us meet and great a lot of people and experience new things in life. One thing that struck the ears after what Mr. Mahanta said was that Motorcycling allows him to explore his other hobbies too and one of which is travel and motorsport photography.

As he rides through new places he combines both the passion and this allows him to perceive both motorcycling and travel photography from a very interesting perspective and he has been doing this for quite a long time now.

Well, when it comes to his family support which is very important especially in a country like ours where doing something apart from a regular job or business and getting your family to believe in not an easy thing. After he graduated and left jobs to ride to new horizons, having his family to stand as his constant shadow is a big thing. However, being a full time biker and making a living out of the same is again a challenging task. However consistency and believing in his passion and love for what he does kept him going. Never to miss out mentioning the support in his life as a Motorcyclist from his second family – The Assam Bikers Family.

The new feather to the cap of his success as a Motorcyclist was making it to the MotoGP and experiencing the grand prix live at Sepang in (Malaysian GP, 2012) and he would love to witness the MotoGP again anytime soon. To witness the MotoGP along with the star icon, John Abraham who is a real down to earth person was a real bliss for him. He be that one person who is not just a biker on screen but got abundant knowledge about motovcycles and living it in real life.

They both talked a lot about bikes, visited the paddocks, checked out those mean racing machines and even got the opportunity to meet some of the MotoGP racers including The Doctor, Valentino Rossi. Quoting his overall experience in his words “What more can a biker in me ask for! Every biker must plan to witness the MotoGP at least once in their lifetime.”

Rejoicing at the success of the Assam Bikers, he stated that it is the one and only Indian motorcycle club to get its logo featured on MotoGP race machines. It was back in 2013 when their logo got featured on the Team Go&Fun Honda Gresisni race bikes POWERED by Castrol POWER1 in Philips Island, Australia. It was a moment of great honour for the club to get their logo featured and with the unbelievable support and enthusiasm showed by the bikers brotherhood of Assam they even won the title back in 2013 and that’s how they created history

The memories that Mr. Mahanta treasures in his heart are mostly the events of Assam Bikers, like the New Year Brotherhood Rides they organize in Arunachal Pradesh and the Assam Bikers Anniversary events. A lot of hardwork goes into it and they create some lifetime memories and develop good bonding and brotherhood with fellow bikers. He considers himself to play a tiny role in this family; it’s the collective effort of so many bikers, members and well wishers that have kept them moving and realize what they are today.

If One aspires to become a member of Assam Bikers, that can be done by registering online at the official website of the Assam Bikers Association at

At Assam Bikers it doesn’t matter which motorcycle or scooter you ride or how much the CC of your engine is. If you are passionate about riding, love the brotherhood on two wheels you are most welcome to be a part of our family.

Lastly his message to our readers and aspiring youths through The P.E.O.P.L.E. is that “just like all things have a bright and a dark side in it, Motorcycling is no exception. What we all see mostly on social media or in events I attend is just the bright side of it. So it’s not always going to be what it looks like from the outside but there’s equal amount of struggle and hard work that goes into it. However if you follow your passion with all your heart and believe in what you do I am sure there will be a way. What is most important is to ride safe and responsibly, understand the basics of riding and importance of riding gears because unless you are safe and sound you can’t make it far and make sure you always set the right examples because eventually a lot of people would be following you”.

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