In my eighteen years of existence, I’ve eyed many people presenting suicidal tendencies. I’ve heard of people leaving their happiness in some obscure corner of the world. Yes, we do experience rough roads leading to no definite destination at least once in our life spans, but, is taking away one’s life the only option left?

In today’s millennial society, we’re so preoccupied with our physical beauties competing against one another in some latent competitions that we forget to nurture our mental health. Mental health is an important part of our everyday life. It concerns our psychological, emotional and social well being. One in four people across the world get affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their life. Though the society is growing in a rapid state, yet leaving behind social stigmas. The stigma suffered because of mental health issues in one of a kind. The first step towards their healing would be our acceptances. A depressed person’s situations need empathy not sympathy. Stop laughing away and start recognizing their problems to create a better tomorrow with the decreased suicide rates.

We experience baggage of our emotions; our pettish feelings keep tickling our stomachs resulting in distraught selves. In spite of hiding from our demolishing thoughts, why can’t we try to face them? Instead of self-loathing, can’t we find a new way of falling in love with ourselves all over again?  It’s the truest fact that one can’t achieve all heights of accomplishments, because we aren’t perfect and there is nothing perfect in this globalized society. We have to define our own way of perfections. Henceforth, working against nature and ending our lives is not the only option. If we look around ourselves, one can realize that life means so much more than just a word in the dictionary. 

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