As ths pandemic surge in the nation, the fear of contracting the dreaded virus among the citizens have created a shortage of blood in the blood banks leading to discomfort of those who are in urgent need of blood for surgery, blood transfusion for thalassemia patients, kidney patients and accident victims.

Henceforth a 31 year-old Engineer graduate Pattupogula Pavan Kumar took it upon himself to motivate people and volunteer to donate blood. During Covid-19 crisis, this young man, who is the founder of Kadapa-based ‘Blood 2 Live’, a voluntary organisation, succeeded in gathering 700 units of blood, which was provided to government hospitals and blood banks.

There is a history in his life which lead him initiate this movement.When he was an 18-year-old, Pawan’s mother Parvathi suffered from ill-health and doctors advised spinal cord surgery. However, doctors asked the family members to arrange the blood needed for the operation themselves.As he was from a poor family and his relatives weren’t aware of what blood donation means, no one came forward. Pawan donated blood to save his mother and the surgery was performed successfully.

Later, when Pawan’s wife Asha Jyothi alias Grace Mercy suffered from cardiac problems and underwent treatment in a private hospital in Vijayawada, where she was fixed with a pacemaker, Pawan saw the plight of several people including children undergoing treatment in need of blood.

He decided to take up blood donation campaigns as his life’s primary goal. Pawan, who had conducted thousands of awareness programmes in the last 13 years, and organised blood donation camps, was moved by the plight of people in need of blood post-lockdown. After Unlock 1.0, with resumption of road transportation, the number of road accidents has increased, necessitating the need for blood in the hospitals. However, people out of fear of contracting Covid-19, are reluctant to donate blood, which resulted in decrease in blood reserves in blood banks.

He had organised several motivation drives inorder to urge people to donate blood that can save lives.

(Inputs included from The Indian Express)

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