The Living Stones are an experimental rock band hailing from Guwahati, and was formed in early 2013.  This week, The P.E.O.P.L.E got the chance to talk to their frontman and vocalist Ayushman about the upcoming band and their dreams.

 Talking about their influences and songwriting technique, he says that as kids, they were always influenced by music. The band itself was formed for their likeminded craze for progressive music; “Our influence mainly started with bands like Porcupine Tree, Blackfield, No-man,Tool, King Crimson, and other 60’s prog rock bands. Gradually over the years, we started exploring some phenomenal genres such as Shoegaze, Psychedelic rock, Postpunk, Avant Garde, Indian classical, Jazz and obviously our craze for Math-rock. We think our sound lies somewhere accumulated between all these genres.”

Speaking of their approach to songwriting, he mentioned that they specifically do not have any proper approach to speak of; “Sometimes an artistic idea or emotion get stuck in the head and we start creating with that as the basic formation and the rest is all through jamming and sessions.”

 Although the band has not yet performed any live gigs, they have been focusing on experimenting and creating music and also on individualistic growth in music studies. They feel that they are now ready to set foot on the live scenes and start touring.

Upon asked about their dream gigs, he says that. “There are so many great artists that we would like to open for or to support. On national ground, we would like to tour or open for this wonderful band called “DEE EN” based in Delhi and speaking globally, we have a childhood dream to open for Porcupine Tree and Blackfield. That will be like a dream come true.”

When jokingly asked about a supposedly useless talent that the band members have, he giggles and says that the all the members of the band love to party hard no matter the occasion.

Talking about the Indian music scene and possible ways and means to change it for the better, he says that every artist should support one another as it is the basic root of every cult and as a musician it is more important to have an open mind for multiple possibilities in musical ideas and experiments.

One thing that they would like to suggest to change about the Indian music scene will be a request to the organizers for not asking musicians to play free gigs. Musicians should be paid what they deserve and also they should support new talents in their musical journey.

Talking about the bands future plans; they have released a lyrical video of the song “Olive Tree” just a week ago. Currently they are working on a new single called “The Sensitive Man”, which they are planning to release in the mid of June.  A new album and future tours are also in the process.

 Finally, a message for their fans, “To all our friends, family and supporters, we know these are very strange times and we are all going through the same. No matter what, respect the cleansing of mother earth and occupy yourself with positivity and spend this gifted quality times with your family and friends. Use this lockdown to better yourself as a human.”

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