There have been cases of female foeticide since years and is still continuing backfacedly in various parts of the globe despite the numerous amout of effort put in by many organisations and government.People still consider a boy child over a girl child thinking a boy would help in further continuation of the clan/generation.

However in 2017, The Manipur EXO-Ls understood that a child is a gift of God no matter what her gender is and his/her birth can neither be an accident or consequence.Hence with this ideology in mind they created a WhatsApp group and have been taking up various charitable programmes in each birthday if EXO members.

2020 was special for the team as one of their member Chen was blessed with a baby girl this year and hence to celebrate this occasion, the team decided to help a 9-year-old girl whom they nicknamed as “Aerisana”. The team had received donations from over 250 people and within 10 days they had been able to collect a sum Rs 65000.Despite the situation, one of their members visited her with books,clothes,food and other essentials.

They had first started the project with an objective of opening a fixed deposit for Aerisena which she could withdraw in 10 years for College expenses. However they realised that now the situation is very dangerous and to reach 10 years later she has to survive now.Hence they decided to open a bank account for her to which they would be sending Rs 2000 for the next 2.5 years.

They also decided they are not going to stop with this only, they assured each one that the team would continue their great work of kindness each year.

Team People appreciates the team for their generosity and humanity.

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