Senior Maharashtra BJP leader Eknath Khadse resigned from the primary membership of the party on Wednesday to join NCP. After leaving BJP, the former senior leader revealed that “Many people want to leave BJP and to stop them the party says the Maharashtra government is going to collapse if party members leave”.

Khadse had been sulking ever since he was made to resign as a minister in 2016 from the then Devendra Fadnavis led BJP government over corruption allegations. Khadse resigned from BJP after his failed attempts to regain political importance within the party (BJP). He felt he was being sidelined within the party.

Many insiders believe that Khadse’s resignation could set the stage for more people to look at Congress and the NCP as credible options if they sense the MVA government was stable. Especially, leaders from the sugar belt in Western Maharashtra, who had joined BJP ahead of 2019 polls.

Source: ANI

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