Nowadays there are more mental health problems than there are math problems. Even if I’ve put it in a funny way mental health problems are pretty serious. Each and every year there are numerous amount of suicides due to this. The most common age prior to these problems have been teenagers because that’s mainly the age where we do mistakes, where we fall apart, we breakdown, we get into some problems that we were never supposed to be in. Realisation and guilt hit on us at this point well I seem to know this because I am a teen too and I’ve been through mental problems too. But I somehow try to stay strong although I know it’s never easy. My one and only breakthrough is doing what is right for me and mind you but this really helps. Well I was cheated on, I was even manipulated by some crazy boyfriends and friends. First two or three nights I cried a lot, I wanted to kill myself because even if the predator was someone else, I was the one responsible to fall prey to them. But then I remembered there are people who will always try to bring you down but there will always be someone who will be a ray of hope in that situation and that ray of hope has to be you, no one else but you! It’s extremely hard I know that but you have to remember that it isn’t your fault that your choices and decisions took wrong turns, because it was never meant for you like that. Well crying helps a lot at this point of your life but my suggestion for anyone who’s going through all these problems is that you do what you enjoy like I am a biggest fan and will always be of harry potter, I watch those movies then I would watch my favourite sitcom- F.R.I.E.N.D.S to make my belly hurt and then I’ll grab some snacks from the kitchen and next thing I know, I’ll feel lot better. Since I went through all these problems I always tried to motivate my friends or someone who feels that they are ugly, they are a disgrace. In this way I feel a lot better after I helped someone feel better. Because of these teen mental problems I’ve started to miss my childhood more than ever, a time where all these small but unhealthy problems weren’t there to bother me. A time which was only about fun. Whenever there comes a time in your life when you’ll feel like killing yourself or just giving up on yourself, always remember the faces of your parents, who never raised you for times like this, and always expects you to be strong and definitely loves you more than anything. In the end I’ll say stay strong and be positive because we have to go through a lot of problems in the near future we can’t go weak so early and easily.

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