Seema Kushwaha, advocate who had represented the family of the 2012 Delhi gang-rape victim, or the Nirbhaya-case as their legal Counsel, is going to represent the Hathras rape victim’s family in their legal battle. It is expected for the legal documentation to be completed by tonight.

Advocate Seema Kushwaha was earlier prevented from meeting with the Victim’s family in Hathras by the UP Police and authorities.

A website, “Bar & Bench” reported that, Advocate Kushwala said, “My fight is for the daughter of Hathras, to help her get justice, as well as to urge the dispensations, both present and future, to take the issue of women’s safety more seriously”

“My aim and effort is for the fundamental rights of the daughters of the country to be protected and for their safety to be ensured. Those in power would have to take responsibility for women’s safety,” Kushwaha says.

The Advocate earlier today reached Hathras to meet the victim’s family.

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