End of the Night: President Ramnath Kovind nods yes to the Three-Farm Bills amid more than dozen of opposition alleging the bills to be unconstitutional. On the other side, the anti-farm bill protests continued to be outrageous. However, strongly joined by the Opposition, especially the Congress, is the anti-farm bill protest now becoming more political, than social?

The Congress Workers of Goa, Odisha, UP, Haryana staged demonstrations on how the farm bills are “unconstitutional” and a threat to the farmers. Punjab CM, Captain Amarinder Singh joined a sit-in protest in the state. The Congress Chief of Punjab said, the next move will be at the Supreme Court’s door.

Punjab Youth Congress workers earlier today burnt a tractor in the Nation’s capital, in front of the historic India Gate. PYC’s president tweeted about taking ‘full-responsibility’ and claiming the protest to be a “symbolic” one. Interesting part about the protest is that the same tractor was burnt earlier in Ambala. Implying that, a half-burnt tractor was again burnt by the Congress Workers today. 

Karnataka witnessed a state-wide bandh, following protests, highway blockage, and demonstration taking place in several parts. 

However, the BIG QUESTION at this hour is, did the Congress “hijacked” the entire anti-Farmers bill protest? Taking the ‘lead’ at the protests, along with justice slogans, there are slogans of the Congress as well. In fact, 2nd October has been called upon to be celebrated as “Kisan-Mazdoor Bachao Divas” by the Congress.

AT THE END, the high-end parties survive, but what about the actual victims? Will the proper justice prevail, or will the innocent become the scapegoat between the two Political Giants? Question-mark bigger than the question, itself.

Centre has now made it clear: Minimum Support Price (MSP) to stay. But then what next? Struggle continues for the victim. ‘Dharma Drama’ back for the opportunists!


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