End of the Night: Very uncalled and underlying “digital” problem of today’s time. A SYNDICATE named as the “Online Classes Raiding”, where a FAKE ID joins the online classes to cause disruption leading to the teachers ending up with their classes. 

The introduction of Online Classes during the Pandemic also exposed the digital-divide. Students in several regions of the country are yet to be part of the online classes. Several students fail to be a part of these classes only because they don’t own a smartphone, or a laptop. This is what the harsh reality of our nation is.

Meanwhile such, the adjustments made by the students to cope up with this way of education is definitely extreme, and difficult. At the same time, the adjustments are also made from the side of the teachers as well. The traditional way of teaching abruptly changed to a digital way. Many of the teachers who are newly exposed to the world of digital media too adjusted with the entire procedure.

On 3rd September, we reported about the harassments or disturbances caused during the online classes to the teachers, across several states of India. A similar incident happened yesterday in Assam as well. During the teacher’s class, a user with a FAKE ID, entered into the class, and shared their screen, causing disruption.

This “Syndicate” of a few miscreants not only disturb the teacher, but also cause interruption to students who are willing to be a part of the classes. With the virus in India growing up, the situation running away from normalcy and the year approaching towards the end, activities like these will only create “losses” more than benefits.

SIMPLE WORDS: If you want to be a part, join it. If you don’t, simple LEAVE IT. And if you are endorsing this SYNDICATE, you are a part of it too.


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