United Nations General Assembly voting that took place on Tuesday morning elected Russia, China, Cuba and 12 other countries to serve as members of the UN Human Rights Council for three-year terms starting January 1, 2021.
This year, elections to the Human Rights Council saw 16 candidates from four regional groups – African, Asia-Pacific, Eastern European, Latin American and Caribbean and Western European – competing for a seat at the Geneva-based body.

Pakistan and Nepal being re-elected to the UNHRC. On the other hand China won a seat by the smallest margin and received only 139 votes compared to the 180 it got in 2016 following which Human Rights Watch’s UN Director Louis Charbonneau tweeted that it “shows more states are disturbed by China’s abysmal rights record.”

Despite of China’s treatment to the Uighur Muslim Minorities and criticism of the 39 Germany-led countries previous week at the UN, saying,” gravely concerned about the human rights situation in Xinjiang and the recent developments in Hong Kong”, China winning the elections have resulted in wide criticisms by the netizens.

On the other hand Saudi Arabia has been criticized for its human rights record and hence Saudi Arabia was defeated in today’s election.

Meanwhile, The US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo, slammed the United Nations for electing “authoritarian regimes” like China, Russia and Cuba into the UN Human Rights Council adding that the US decision to withdraw from the council has been “validated”.He in his statement accused the global human rights council of anti-Israel bias and membership rules that allow the election of the world’s worst human rights abusers to seats on the Council.

(Inputs included from Times Now, Business News)

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