Pregnant Woman delivers stillborn after neighbours kick her in abdomen during argument

In a shocking and shameful incident that makes us question humanity yet once again a woman delivered a stillborn in the seventh month of pregnancy after her neighbours allegedly kicked her in the abdomen during an argument over a sum of Rs 1.2 lakh that her husband had borrowed from them. The incident happened in Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad district.

Her husband Sanjay had borrowed Rs 1.2 lakh in the year 2019 from the accused and had given his wife’s gold jewellery as mortgage. “On September 7, around seven people barged into my house and asked for the money. I requested them to give me some time because my salary had been deducted by my company because of the current situation,” a report by The Times of India quoted Verma as saying.

The accused allegedly refused to listen to Verma and began thrashing him. They kicked his pregnant wife in the abdomen, following which she rushed to a hospital as she experienced a lot of pain. On Sunday, she gave birth to a stillborn, Verma said, adding that the child died due to the assault on his wife.

Sanjay further said they went to the police station after the incident and filed a complaint, but no action was taken. Police just issued a challan to the accused. Meanwhile, Superintendent of Police (city) Abhishek Verma said the process of registering an FIR into the matter is underway as the autopsy of the stillborn baby is awaited.

Input: TOI and Times Now

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